Casa España Fabrica

Casa España Fabrica

Photovoltaic Plants

Within renewable energies, photovoltaic plants, due to their special validity for rural or isolated environments unreached by power lines or where their installation is very expensive, represent a great service for societies and a huge market in the countries we work with.

To ensure your success in the internationalization of services and products within this sector, it is necessary to count on a strategic partner who knows perfectly each different region regulations, and who is able to guide you in each step and election. Undoubtedly, you need a partner such as Casa España Fabrica .

What we do for you

We take care of everything you need to make your brand or products arrive in the destination country ready to be marketed with full guarantees of success. We deal with all the necessary actions for registering the product, finding the most suitable channels to enter the market, the logistical stuff, searching for strategic partners, supporting you about the sociocultural aspects and everything you will require.

Why Us?

Successfully exporting a brand, product, service or business idea is not a piece of cake, so not everyone should be trusted. Our more than 15 years' experience and our condition as member of the Spanish ASEAN Business Advisory Board are an endorsement and certification of our trajectory and know-how, and represent a unique guarantee of effectiveness and openness in the international arena.


Furthermore, our culture, fully focused on our customers satisfaction, on continuous innovation, on new channels opening and on new and useful alliances establishment, supposes an added value that assures you that we will always be prepared to take you even further when you need it.

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