Casa España Fabrica

Casa España Fabrica

Specialists in brands internationalization.

Casa España Fabrica

Casa España Fabrica is born from the union of several of the import/export and internationalization Spanish leading companies, offering a valuable professional services portfolio, capable of satisfying the needs of those who feel prepared to take the leap beyond Spanish borders.

We support and guide all our clients in each necessary aspect to achieve all-levels success in international trades, whether they seek a complete internationalization of their company or they prefer to establish a joint-venture structure.

Due to our huge experience, especially working in and with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, and to our secure B2B trade routes and our strategic trade channels, created over more than 15 years' experience, we can assure our clients that they will be in the best disposition to achieve their goals in such a delicate process as that of internationalization.


We start working with ASEAN countries


We open new trade channels


We surpassed 100 successfully internationalized products


We started the first Engineering projects


We launch the brand "Casa España Fabrica"


First meeting of representatives of ASEAN countries in León


We renew our website to offer even more details about us


Key success factors

The road to success is only achieved by having really clear and defined goals and a proven method to reach them. Hence, at Casa España Fabrica we support all our actions in three key factors in order to guarantee all your goals achievement:


It is essential for us to know your brand or product as much as you, so we study with you every single relevant detail in order to apply the best strategy to satisfy your needs and to achieve your goals. No two products are quite the same, so no two solutions can be the same.

market study

With the knowledge acquired during the previous phase and thanks to our experience, given by the many years of successful stories in companies internationalization, we will inform you about the possible threats, about your strengths, about your weaknesses and about the opportunities that they will be in the destination Country.


Once we know the brand, the product and the target market, is turn for the real action to begin. In this phase, it is very important for us to keep you abreast of everything that happens and the progress we make. A continuous feedback assures us to give an agile response to any roadmap eventuality or modification.